Showing up on my effbook newsfeed, Anacortes record store, my personal favorite, the Business, posted that they're hosting a free in-store with Bonnie "Prince" Billy on June 12th, 7pm.

On June 13th, there will be an in-store in Seattle at Sonic Boom, 7pm. I have a feeling it's going to be packed to the door.

So, for all of those cats north of Stanwood, this is your chance to not have to drive all the way to Seattle to experience this. I would go to one of these but will be out of town having a ton of fun on both of these days.

FUN FACT: I know barely anything about this fellow or his music except that he apparently writes songs about BJs and a bunch of people like him. However, I did watch an interview between Will Oldham and Ian Svenonius on VBS.TV last year and learned that he flew to Cuba, brought back some records from his trip, and the US customs smashed that shit. What jerks!

Here's the first song of B"P"B that I ever heard*:

*shout out to friend Matt Mullins for that first listen.