The Big Dig record show happens Sat. May 19 at Vermillion Gallery and Bar. It's open to the public from 3 pm to 8 pm with a $3 entry fee (early entry from 1 pm-3 pm costs $10—and you have to contend with Mike Nipper's elbows). More than 20 dealers from Seattle, Spokane, Portland, and even Detroit will be selling LPs and 45s of many different styles, offering a plethora of gems. The Big Dig always leaves my wallet depleted and my shoulders sore. To soundtrack your digging experience, several DJs—including selectors from the Dug crew, Brian Hill, Explorateur, and yours unruly—will be spinning crucial cuts that you probably won't be able to Shazam (including the Rufus Harley jam after the cut).

More info on the Big Dig here.