A tip last week suggested that Bumbershoot organizers One Reel may not be including American Poster Institute's Flatstock at this year's festival. I sent out an e-mail last Wednesday, and One Real Associate Director Aubbie Beal responded to my e-mail late yesterday with this statement: "It's true that Flatstock is taking a break from Bumbershoot this year due to current space constraints. However, we are hopeful that we will find a mutually agreeable, suitable location for them next year, when new spaces become available after the Next 50 Celebration has ended."

And a request to reply with any further questions. With such a vague, PR-speak answer, of course I had further questions. This morning I replied with three:

Do you have concrete plans to reincorporate Flatstock in 2013, or is it still open to negotiation?

Were there other factors influencing this decision?

Why wasn't room elsewhere in the festival made for Flatstock?

Beal has yet to respond to the questions, but I will update this post as soon as she does. I also have an unanswered e-mail into American Poster Institute.

UPDATE: Geoff Peveto of API contacted me late last night saying he could talk tomorrow, but then failed to respond further today despite another attempt to contact him. Then this afternoon, Beal replied with this:

I have just spoken with Geoff Peveto from API, and it seems there was a misunderstanding on our part, which has been resolved. I'll be sharing some new information with him about the alternative space we had previously presented, and he's going to share that with his team for reconsideration. We still don't know if it's going to work in 2012, but we've enjoyed a collaborative and friendly working relationship for nearly 10 years, so we are both hopeful.