Watch as Billy Joel goes NUTS!!! "STOP LIGHTING THE AUDIENCE!! Let me do my SHOW!!" I can't...stop...LAUGHING! Everything awesome is there...even a gleeful keytarist in high waisted, pleated trousers doing a highkick! Oh, and Billy Joel.

FINE...Joel explains his behavior, after the hump. I would not read it tho', kinda kills the ZOMFG of now my favorite Billy Joel moment.

According to the Seattle Weekly Billy Joel called them in reference to their story about him going crazy and this is what they transcribed him saying in that phone call: "Remember, this was the Soviet Union in 1987, and they'd never had a major rock concert before. There was a film crew filming a documentary, and they turned very bright lights on the audience. The audience was having a good time—until they turned the lights on. They froze; they turned paranoid. There was a lot of anxiety—why are we being looked at? And whenever they turned the lights on, anyone who was overreacting was being pulled out of the audience by a security guard. I wasn't yelling at the audience—I was yelling at the film crew. So I threw the piano, and that got their attention. Then they stopped lighting the audience, and everybody started rocking out."

That quote was taken from the YouTube™ comments, as for the Weekly, I couldn't find the referred piece on their website. for "everyone started rockin' out," I had to leave that regretfully unverified also.