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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Music Fest: Day 2 Summary!

Posted by on Sun, May 27, 2012 at 6:54 PM

Yesterday was fun, hot, tired, crabby, fun, really fun, and delirious - in that order. Here are a few informed notes about yesterday's music part of this music festival!

Charles Bradley was the perfect first act to see while shaking off an "I just slept in my car in my clothes" hangover, as well as just a regular hangover. His dance moves (air humping!) and soothing soul sounds got everyone excited - Kokanee strippers and guys on mushrooms alike!

The couple Blitzen Trapper songs I caught creedyrdwater revivnyrd uncle-core rock?

Craft Spells
  • Josh Bis
  • Craft Spells

The delightful tingalings of Craft Spells wafted towards me while I was wearily wandering through the garbage fields to the overflowing porta-waste sheds. They sounded like what fruit snacks and Kool-Aid taste like (awesome)!

The dark and severe aesthetic of Dum Dum Girls seemed a little out of place in the sun soaked neon fruit bowl that is Sasquatch, but they have some great songs and their vocals sounded better than I ever remember them sounding. Yeah black tights and lipstick!

Oh MAN, tUnE-yArDs is totally forgiven for that band name stylization (it reminds me of a Myspace name like *~CrYsTaL~*~* or something). Merrill Garbus was a sight to behold with her face paint and perfect tropical style. She worked a row of pedals under her drums with bare feet, effortlessly recording and looping her yodel-y harmonies on the spot with layers and layers and layers of drum beats and sounds. A jaunty bassist and two zany sax players in matching vests made noises I wasn't aware their instruments could make. I was riveted. It was so refreshingly neat! Teens in copy makeup were spotted throughout the festival for the rest of the weekend.

Tune-yards! (Im not doing the caps thing, no way).
  • Josh Bis
  • Tune-yards! (Im not doing the caps thing, no way).

Walking towards The Shins stage, eighteen-year-old me got so many goosebumps when "Kissing the Lipless" was the first thing I heard. Then they played some new songs and eighteen-year-old-me felt slighted. Then I watched eighteen-year-olds dance like crazy to the new songs and I felt my actual age, which was a relief.

Ooooooh and then there was Jack White. Weird and handsome as ever, he did his Jack White thing and did not disappoint. But you don't need me to music write about Jack White, so can we talk about how he looks exactly like Johnny Depp these days?

Edward Shredderhands
  • Josh Bis
  • Edward Shredderhands

More sweet coverage to come! We just decided to stay another night!


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