Howlin' Rain
Watching Howlin' Rain, the band comprised of members of Comets on Fire and Drunkhorse, beards fly about the stage, but it really just makes me wish I were watching Drunkhorse or Comets on Fire, and the Yeti Stage seems the most middling of stages—cramped, the sound deadened by the surrounding structures instead of rolling out into the wide open spaces.

War on Drugs
Up the hill a bit at the Bigfoot Stage War on Drugs' guitar sounds had no such trouble. The wind and I think the heat affect how the sounds go out, and in the hot sun their Springsteen/Dylan-esque thing sounds kind of perfect. If I take one thing away from the festival I'd like to be the moment they start "Comin' Through" and I have a cold $11 24-ounce beer in hand. Bittersweet it was.

Wild Flag
  • Josh Bis
  • Wild Flag

Wild Flag, the Walkmen, and Dyme Def
The Bigfoot Stage rules throughout most of the rest of the day. Wild Flag and Walkmen are total pros and both put on flawless sets. Across the walk at the Maine Stage (hardy-har), which is a new addition this year, Dyme Def have the crowd in full swing. It's some of the worst white-people dancing I've witnessed in years, but at least they have the confidence to try. (I do not.) The Maine Stage is dedicated to NW hiphop acts, and although there's little sound bleed over between it and the stage, it feels a little tacked on. Also, why the "Maine Stage"? They ain't got no Samsquanches in Maine.

Zola Jesus
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  • Zola Jesus

Zola Jesus
Zola Jesus is a tiny human being. But this didn't stop her from blowing out the difficult Yeti Stage with her tremendous bellows. The crowd is a bit light, and I can't help but think she deserves to be out on that Main Stage with that gorgeous backdrop to compliment such espansive sound.

Instead it is the Head and the Heart.

  • Josh Bis
  • Beirut

Beirut's sound is pleasant as the sun sets, but the lack of decent sleep and the sun are conspiring to end my night. I go back to camp for a "short nap" and wake up around midnight and spend several hours kicking myself for missing Bon Iver.


Things overheard in the camping grounds on Monday morning:

Canadian pointing at BBQ: "Hey this thing is still smoking. What should I do with it?"

"Let's go back, cause I think I lost everything."

"I'm sorry, but four days without a shower is pretty skanky."

Cigarette butts and cans and broken bottles litter the grounds. The troops are weary. We hear that Mogwai "had trouble with their visas," and had to cancel, but that Spiritualized will do a mega-set to make up for it. We are not sure we can make it.