• Captured Tracks

Luis Vasquez, driving force behind the Bay Area's Soft Moon, talks about his second album, Zeroes, here. Since 2011's spellbinding Total Decay EP, he says he's quit his job as a graphic designer in order to pour all his energies into the new long-player (he's looking at an October release date through Captured Tracks).

Though he has a touring band, Vasquez states, "I'm still doing everything myself." Interestingly, he developed his ghostly singing style because he's been living in a building where he has to keep the noise down. As he puts it, "That's actually why I do a lot of whispering on the first record." Now, he's dividing his time between his home and a studio, where he can raise his voice at will, although I hope he resists the impulse to make that a regular thing. I love Soft Moon best when Vasquez comes on like a restless spirit from beyond the grave—or another galaxy.

Though he hasn't made any Zeroes material available yet, here's a taste of his split LP with ex-Ultravox vocalist and fellow Arp Odyssey enthusiast John Foxx:

Captured Tracks releases the Soft Moon vs. John Foxx & the Maths' "Evidence" as a single on June 26 with a full-length planned for September.