Tonight Chop Suey is going to be filled with love and appreciation for the ladies (and gentlemen) behind Three Imaginary Girls, the indie-rock loving website that turns 10 this year. To celebrate their decade of being some of the sweetest and most enthusiastic music fans in Seattle (who are also responsible for getting Long Winters frontman John Roderick in a Santa suit every year), TIG is throwing a New Wave karaoke bash featuring a bunch of their rockstar friends.

Look at who'll be taking the stage: Sean Nelson! Leslie Wood! Shane Tutmarc! Alicia Amiri! Christina Bautista! Anna Banana! As well as members of great bands like Visqueen, the Young Evils, Exohoxo, Tullycraft, Kithkin, Noddy, and so many more.

And they're not the only ones who'll have all the fun—audience members are welcome to get up and sing, too (first come, first served—get there early).

Tickets are $10 at the door, and doors open at 8:30 pm. The karaoke goes until everyone looses their voices.

Happy, happy birthday, TIG! It feels like just last week when we were sitting around a table at Top Pot, talking about rock music, the Cure, and vodka. I can't wait to party with you tonight.

Oh! And!: Bring an extra $4 tonight because TIG will be debuting their limited-edition anniversary zine, which comes with a CD of exclusive tracks from the Long Winters, Visqueen, Tennis Pro, and more. The zine Only 333 copies are available!