Prepare thy livers! The Vera Project's annual Drink for the Kids fundraiser is just a couple weeks away. It starts Sunday, June 24th and goes through Saturday, June 30th. It's your one chance a year to get drunk while also benefiting the youth of Seattle!

When you go to the designated bar during A Drink for the Kids (see the schedule below), 100% of the proceeds from Ninkasi beer and Fremont Mischief Liquor go directly to the Vera Project. And! You can also come down, drink whatever the hell you want, and they will have donation buckets for you to drunkenly throw your money into. There will be guest hosts from the music industry along with other fun stuff like raffles, guest DJs, karaoke, a Sounders viewing party, and more.

Monday's Drink for the Kids at the Cha Cha is co-hosted by The Stranger, meaning Grant Brissey and I (and any other Stranger staffers we can drag across the street) will be there to help get the party started! (At least as much as two socially awkward people can start a party.)

Here's the schedule (click on the bar name to go to the Facebook page with more event info):

Sunday June 24: Auto Battery on Capitol Hill

Monday June 25 Cha Cha Lounge (co-hosted by The Stranger!) on Capitol Hill and Solo Bar in Lower Queen Anne

Tuesday June 26: 9 Million in Unmarked Bills in Fremont and Pony on Capitol Hill

Wednesday June 27: The Neighbor Lady in the Central District

Thursday June 28: Linda's Tavern on Capitol Hill

Friday June 29: Redwood on Capitol Hill

Saturday June 30: Tin Hat in Ballard

Seven days, nine bars, all for the kids. Do it!