I'm really old, guys. I can tell because my eyes just kept rolling back further in my head the more I read this post currently up at the All Songs Considered blog:

I never went through the transition from physical to digital. I'm almost 21 and since I first began to love music I've been spoiled by the Internet.

I am an avid music-listener, concert-goer, and college radio DJ. My world is music-centric. I've only bought 15 CDs in my lifetime. Yet, my entire iTunes library exceeds 11,000 songs.

I wish I could say I miss album packaging and liner notes and rue the decline in album sales the digital world has caused. But the truth is, I've never supported physical music as a consumer. As monumental a role as musicians and albums have played in my life, I've never invested money in them aside from concert tickets and t-shirts.

But I didn't illegally download (most) of my songs. A few are, admittedly, from a stint in the 5th grade with the file-sharing program Kazaa. Some are from my family. I've swapped hundreds of mix CDs with friends. My senior prom date took my iPod home once and returned it to me with 15 gigs of Big Star, The Velvet Underground and Yo La Tengo (I owe him one).

Read the whole thing here.

Then go give some money to the artists you love, who make great music. Lord knows, with people like this out there in the world, they could use it.