Baby Time: Adele is probably going to continue her hiatus a little longer because she announced on her website this morning that she's pregnant!

Series of Unfortunate Events: The singer of Lamb of God has been arrested in Prague. Randy Blythe is accused of manslaughter for an incident that happened with a fan two years ago that ultimately led to the fan passing away recently from the injuries. Currently the rest of the band awaits in the Czech Republic and refuse to leave him in a Prague prison alone. True friends.

Because They Just Love the Limelight: Flaming Lips set the world record for most shows played in multiple cities in 24 hours, beating Jay-Z.

Not Quite the Sweetest Thing: Lauryn Hill pleaded guilty to the U.S. District Court in New Jersey for not paying her taxes that accumulate to 1.5 million dollars. She now faces a possible three year sentence in prison.

This is the Best You Can Do?: Wikileaks is releasing a CD called "Beat the Blockade" with proceeds going to help sustain the website despite financial companies seizing all online donations from readers. Because that's how you make the big dough, Wikileaks, release a CD. Look out next week for the Wikileaks vegan bake sale fundraiser.

Entertained Much?: It's Friday, so you have an excuse to watch Tenacious D play on the Daily Show.