Silly Dreams Do Come True: The awesome and yet terrifying mascot of Chuck E. Cheese's is getting rebranded to be more of a "hip, electric-guitar-playing rock star." Their inspiration and person who will be playing as this new mouse? Jaret Reddick from Bowling for Soup.

Right When You Think Everything's Been Branded By Hip Hop Artists: Big Boi is coming out with his own line of socks.

If You Can't Beat Them: The Jimi Hendrix family won't let the biopic with André 3000 have any Jimi Hendrix songs, so instead the film will have covers that Hendrix did in the early years of his career recorded by André himself.

City of Regrets: Coachella may move out of Coachella in 2014 due to a possible new city admission's tax for events with over 2,500 people.

Put a Cat On It: The new Rob Zombie album art has gone to new levels.

Unexpected Headline of the Day: Goes to Mark Foster of Foster the People for the quote "Snoop Dogg Made Me Quit Smoking Marijuana."

Excited!: The band who was sued by the United Nations not once but twice for the use of the U.N's graphic and the name, is coming out with a new album and planning a tour. United Nations features members from Glassjaw, Thursday, the Number Twelve Looks Like You, and Kiss It Goodbye.

Getting Back at the Man: Def Leopard is going to re-record their entire catalogue so that they once again own rights to their songs. The new songs recorded will be appropriately titled "Forgeries."

And lastly... pandas on a slide: