Miss Slint, Shipping News, or Faraquet? Well, lucky for you, Celebra is finally available in an audio form that isn't a video of their last show. They're just another one of those bands who release an amazing EP about a year after they're last seen due to members moving away. The drummer, Tim, went to Taiwan, the bass player, Andy, went to Alaska, while the guitarist, Andrew Nickerson, remained in Bellingham.

  • Brandon Lovejoy

Nickerson, who was also in Crossfox, took his time the past year mixing these four songs, and it shows. Mastered by Chris Vita, the album is every math-rock-proggy nerd's dream come true, combining the best elements from the three bands listed above into a four song, under fifteen minutes, listening pleasure.

My favorite song is the fourth track, titled "Treasure Chest Hair." There aren't any more words I can really say about this. Give it a listen.