Robbie Plackemeier is the leader of a Nashville improvisational trio called RACHEL. He sent me an email after my review of Teen Suicide’s Goblin Problems, asking me to listen to his band RACHEL's album called (Side A), suggesting that I might like his form of lo-fi, diy, emo, improvisational freak folk.

I said fuck that, then did some improv of my own and listened to the link Robbie didn’t send me. It was for his recording of his trio live at Swan Stock (whatever the hell that is) on 4-28-12, which includes the voices of some rude bastards talking in the bar, and beer bottles clinking, but also includes a valuable Conor Oberst-like nervousness in the vocals that makes the lyrics seem more like reactionary emotional responses, and finds the musicians playing off of one another rather than playing along alone. Hey Robbie, why didn’t you tell me about this album? It made me think of early Motopony, and I think you might enjoy artists like Lydia Lunch and DNA.

The other album, (Side A), completely falls apart in its own first track “Meet RACHEL,” but perhaps that’s acceptable since every track on the album is improvised. Rachel’s electronically aided/emo folk music seethes dysrhythmia and their sessions are recorded straight to tape. While their recordings fall short of modal, songs on their album (Side A) evoke thoughts of Daniel Johnston's more extemporaneous works and New York’s No Wave movement.

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