Slayer!: Even with guitarist Jeff Hanneman recovering from the flesh eating disease on his arm, the group is working on some new songs for an album that will hopefully come out early next year.

Keeping Up with the Punks: Krist Novoselic spoke at the CBGB Fest despite Nirvana never playing at the venue. During his speech he addressed his regret never playing the club, how he got into punk music, and about the dying out of Occupy Wall Street.

On Second Thought: Coachella is going to continue holding their festval in Indio after the city councilman decided that it was a bad idea to create a tax that would charge festivals with over 2,500 attendants.

So Sad: A crew member of the Spider-Man musical was found dead in the Hudson River on Wednesday night.

A Compilation Worth Your Time: Members of the California label Burger Records were driving on the freeway during rush hour and found a kitten dodging traffic. The compilation that they put together is to cover the medical bills for said kitten, who ended up needing pins and surgery in her pelvis and knee. Over 50 artists joined in on the cassette compilation to help little kitty!

Because There's No Other Reasons to Write A Song: Mountain Goats feel compelled to write a new song because they finally received 40,000 twitter fans.

WWJBD: Barenaked Ladies just signed on to write the music for the Animal House musical. It just makes me think what would John Belushi do?

I hope everyone's day is as good as the face on this pup...