To take up where our overseas festival reminiscing left off, dunk yourself in a complete two-hour collection of live Glastonbury clips by Orbital from 1994 to 2004, all edited together as a single, seamless, sequential performance. A snappy look-at-the-crowds-grow trick we wish more musicians would toss out there for fans.


"Acid house was big. It was exciting and music was heard like never before. There was no violence. Everyone was your friend. You knew what each other was thinking. The music controlled your trip. The feeling was beyond amazing. This video has reminded me that everything today is just..... SHIT! Absolute SHIT! Nobody is your friend and everyone wants to fuck you up or beat you to within an inch of your life."

"Now im dancing in the garden then i will set up my lasers and 1500 watt speakers in my dance tower then the moment i hear the call of the doctor i will pump up the volume."

"The one dislike is the devils mums turd."


Walk Now [1994]
Are We Here? [1994]
Attached [1994]
Kein Trink Wasser [1995]
Impact (The Earth Is Burning) [1995]
Remind [1995]
Halcyon [1999]
The Box [1999]
Style + Bagpipe Style [1999]
The Girl With The Sun In Her Head [2002]
Funny Break (Weekend Ravers) [2002]
Belfast [2002]
Frenetic [2002]
Satan [2004]
Doctor? [2004]
Chime [2004]