Am I high or did I hear you say you needed a proper example of psychedelia?! Well, Captain Tryps, you're in luck...just listen to Summerhill.

This Los Angeles area band only had one LP, Summerhill, on Tetragrammaton, and, start to finish, it's fucking stunning. They confidently run the course of everything awesome that was happening in 1969. It is so on point, if I didn't now better, I'd reckon you could wring LSD out of the sleeve. Drip. Drip. TRIP! ANYWAYS, Summerhilll is packed full of dreamy pop sike, dig "Follow Us, " fuzz ala the Cream as "My Way (Hard For You)," there is a bit of jazziness too with "What Can I Say," and some soon to be important, yet not dusted with cocaine, country rock titled "Last Days." Tho' "Last Days" is less "hee haw" country and more a steel guitar dunked in a lysergic stew. Right, so the entire album is solid sike/pop sike, it shimers...uh, and no silly blues jams either. Also: this is an easier record to find, and less expensive, then say another underground group with similar sounds, the Kak, so if you see a copy of Summerhill go for it.