Still from Bury Me video (dir. Philippa Bloomfield)
  • Tough Love/Slumberland
  • Video still by Philippa Bloomfield

My favorite Irish band of the moment, Girls Names, return with another captivating track in "A Troubled See," the second release since 2011 full-length Dead to Me (last October, they released the non-LP single "Black Saturday").

The Belfast band is just as jangly as you'd expect from a Slumberland outfit, but there's an emphasis on melancholy vocals, intricate guitar work, and storm-tossed synths that bumps them up a notch in my estimation (I'm guessing they listened to a lot of the Cure and Joy Division back in the day). Objectively speaking, they aren't do anything that different than label mates the Crystal Stilts—or even the Fresh & Onlys—but I find something more compelling about their sound.

Although the label describes the new song, from a split single with London's Weird Dreams ("House of Secrets"), as emblematic of a "slightly different direction," it would've fit just fine on Dead to Me. That said, they've expanded from a trio to a quartet since the appearance of their first album. For their follow-up, Slumberland notes that they've been looking for inspiration to Echo and The Bunnymen, Spacemen 3, the Birthday Party, and David Bowie's Low, which bodes well for their next effort—assuming you enjoy those artists and releases as much as I do.

The Girls Names/Weird Dreams split is available now on Tough Love/Slumberland.