France is Bummed: The National Front in France plans on suing Madonna if Nazi imagery is shown with their leader Marine Le Pen. Her video montage currently being used on tour with the song "Nobody Knows Me" also features Sarah Palin, Pope Benedict XVI, and Adolf Hitler. Madonna is called out hard by Le Pen when stating that, "It's understandable when aging singers who need publicity go to such extremes. Her songs don't work anymore."

Maybe I'll Be Able to Show Some Respect to the Show: Aretha Franklin has sent an email to the executives of American Idol, saying that she wants to replace Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez, both who have addressed that they will be leaving the show. She would even bring on Patti LaBelle!

Continuing Today's Theme of 1996: Ben Folds Five Announced a new album called The Sound of the Life of the Mind that will be coming out September 18th.

It Was Only a Matter of Time: Someone has built an 80 foot yellow narrowboat hotel on Albert Dock. Yes, it is a Yellow Submarine.

Blasphemy: The organizers of Hard Rock Calling pulled the plug on Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney because their set was running past curfew.

You Know You're Curious, Don't Pretend: The lineup for this year's Gathering has been posted. You can see George Clinton, Soulfly, Static-X, P.O.D. and Mushroomhead all in one place!

If you're bored today, or Monday is getting you down, go home and give your dog a lemon: