I recently caught a Fat Creeps set in Boston at an old-man-sports-bar type of place. The three members of Fat Creeps are neither fat nor creepy, but the name still fits somehow with their self described "lazy rock" style. Everyone was hypnotized by the sweet harmonies and captivating hooks, even the guy in the Wu-Tang shirt who was and SITTING IN A CHAIR, the only chair, in the middle of the crowd, while everyone else danced*.

The fact that Fat Creeps seldom smiled during their songs made me nervous at first, but once I started catching some of the lyrics, I realized they must be smirking on the inside. Watching their videos confirmed my smirk hunch, since they are downright goofy. Fat Creeps' "Cherry" is a perfect summer video, complete with a bitchy pizza and a pool party.

Their other vid, "Nancy Drew" is also something else.

*Okay fine, that guy kind of ruled.