• Jack Newton
I know that you're still hungover from the first day of the Capitol Hill Block Party, and I know there are still over 70 bands to go, but I am completely confident in saying that Fly Moon Royalty's cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot's "I Like Big Butts" "Baby Got Back" is one of the memorable/lovable highlights of the weekend.

Their whole set was pretty remarkable, actually. The R&B duo, featuring singer Adra Boo and DJ/emcee Action Jackson, started their performance standing side by side, both wearing sunglasses, both staring straight out into the crowd, delivering the intense song "The Sermon," which paces along like a heartbeat.

It took a few songs to loosen up the crowd and move them beyond reluctant head-bobbing, but it was inevitable—little pits of dancing, giggling, smiling friends started to grow. By the time FMR played "Betty's Kitchen," everyone in the crowd was grooving. It's hard not to to a song that turns cooking and eating soul food into a sex-dripping euphemism.

  • Jack Newton
They could've stopped right there and the early evening performance would've been impressive enough, but then it happened. Boo looked out into the crowd and said "Oh my God, Becky.... look at her butt." Some people cheered, some looked at their friends with anticipatory "Are they going to do what I think they're going to do?" faces. And they did. Every single person within earshot sang along. Even kids who still aren't old enough to drive, who I'd have targeted as being totally oblivious to who Sir Mix-a-Lot is, knew every word. And Boo delivered every line with a straight face, flawless flow, and perfect attitude. IT WAS SO GREAT.

Fuck, I wish I had my video camera.