Best neck vein in the biz!
  • Best neck vein in the biz!

Last night's main stage headliners Fitz and the Tantrums, um, tried really hard. Is that mean? Well, it's the best I've got. Somehow, there was no magic here. Sure, people danced, and smoked things, and made out. I was distracted at first by a woman yelling "THESE HIPS!" and gyrating toward her friends. But I felt no feelings. It didn't help the mood that we left the Fresh Espresso show, which was mind-blowingly fantastic, to come outside and watch Fitz and the Tantrums and could still see, through a doorway, Fresh Espresso killing it in there.
I felt more like the young lady on the right.
  • I felt more like the young lady on the right.

Fitz and friends could tell something was off. Fitz called out at one point, "Should we keep going?" in a hopeful way, and later on Noelle Scaggs asked, "Are y'all ready to go home or something?" All in the service of getting the crowd riled up, but since they were not adequately riled, the pleas sounded, well, desperate. Maybe they're not meant for an outdoor stage; maybe they just sound better on record. Maybe it was awesome if you were right up front, like the lovely people above. But the people I know who got up in there were still disappointed.

However: Goddamn, does Noelle Scaggs know how to move. She moves like a sorcerer, in a way that makes you feel scared and turned on at the same time. When she asked "everybody on the left" to shout, they complied. Fitz was strutting his heart out. But if you have to say, "This is where the motherfucking dance party gets started!" then it probably hasn't started yet, and something's not working.

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