Yesterday I asked Line Out for CHBP advice, because I've never been (if you are also a block-party virgin, go read the comments! There's hot tips in there!). A repeated theme was just to let things happen, to let yourself stumble onto things and don't worry so much about a pre-planned schedule. So when I wandered upstairs from Barboza just before Fresh Espresso's Neumos set, I decided to stay. OH MY GOD GOOD DECISION, YOU GUYS.

The sound check went on for quite a while, but it was all so that when they started, it would be perfect, and it was. The crowd blew up immediately. The dancing was incredible. The shimmering glow of love between the stage and the audience was tangible. I forgot what reality was and just existed in space and smiled till my face hurt. My hips imprinted on those beats, like baby ducks meeting an alien. My brain was reprogrammed. I fell in love. Leaving that show early so I could cover something else for this goddamn music blog was my biggest regret of the night—no, the week. I will not make that mistake again, fuck an internet.