Beloved 60's Scottish croon bucket Donovan will be headlining the one and only Faerieworlds this weekend! What is Faerieworlds you ask? WELL, it's three parts Rainbow Gathering, five parts Ren Faire and nine parts weed, of course! Except you're not supposed to have any drugs on you at all, so it helps to be a human being made predominantly of drugs. The festival is three magical days held "in the wooded meadows of Mount Pisgah in Eugene, Oregon," where you can dress like a beautiful faerie (for the record, that spelling makes me uncomfortable) or something, whilst watching the sunshine superman himself.

The Faerieworlds website states: "Climaxing with Donovan’s very special performance Sunday night, we feel that this year’s exceptional line up rivals or surpasses all other festivals in the Pacific Northwest."

Climaxing? So many things to feel uncomfortable about. But eff it, maybe getting faeried-up and climaxing with Donovan does sound better than the average festival.