This is my face right now, thats how excited I am.
  • Shutterstock/Andrey Armyagov
  • This is my face right now, that's how excited I am.
YOU GUYS. Are you aware that Latterman will be playing the New Direction Fest in Olympia in just a matter of days? DAYS! I have waited for years to see this band. I AM SO EXCITED!

And Latterman's reunion is just the beginning. Next month we have Desaparecidos at the Showbox at the Market and Refused at Showbox Sodo (moved from the Paramount, ugh, but whatever), and then in September there's the Promise Ring at Bumbershoot. Four bands I've loved, loved, LOVED, but have never seen before! (Wait, have I seen Desaparecidos? I can't remember...)

Life, why are you so great sometimes?

So with all the upcoming reunion action, I need to ask: Which are you most excited about?