I read on Stereogum that Def Leppard's Hysteria turned 25 today. I checked. It did. It was released August 3rd, 1987. It was Def Leppards fourth album. I remembered that. I decided to have a listen. I'm now terrorizing my neighborhood with hard rock "hits" like Pour Some Sugar On Me, and Armageddon It, on full blast. Hairspray and jean cut-offs are in order. The cops will be here soon, I'm sure of it.

Listen, officers, this album and just about every other hair rocking orgiastic, misogynistic, Mutt Lange-produced, sausage party to be released in 1987 had a huge effect on me, and these old ass neighbors can go to hell if they don't like the synthesizer assisted drumming of recently mangled Rick Allen. I mean, Def Leppard had to change their whole sound from hard rocking Pyromania, to synth sounding Hysteria, and they enlisted the help of engineers to build his drum kit. Do you know how cool that is to help your drummer through that?

Also, if you remember, a contender for the best debut album ever was released just three weeks before this: Guns n' Roses Appetite For Destruction was trading top spots on the Billboard charts all summer with Def Leppard (back when that kind of bullshit meant something), only Def Leppard had a leg up: the ol'Brits had not only colonized their island, but also Australia, so between the US, the UK, and Oz, these dudes sold over 20 MILLION copies of this record.

Then they tried to drink themselves to death with the proceeds and only made crappy records after this. But hey, I'm still here, rocking my frizzy hair in the humid Seattle summer, and I still love this album. I'm going to cut up some old jeans to go with my tank top. Arena rock is coming back soon, I know it. Also, check out this blog!