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It makes sense when people describe Pittsburgh's Black Moth Super Rainbow as "psychedelic," since they can kick up clouds of spacey strangeness with the best of them, but Tom Fec folds in doses of glam and fuzzed-out funk that distinguishes his crew from most other psych acts.

The new single, "Windshield Smasher," has even elicited comparisons—a lot of comparisons—to Gary Glitter and Michael Jackson (though I hear little of the latter). I doubt that ever happens to Psychic Ills.

After four full-length albums, highlighted by 2007's Dandelion Gum and 2009's Eating Us, I wouldn't think Fec would need—or even want—to use Kickstarter to fund his fifth record, but that's exactly what he's done, since he's self-releasing Cobra Juicy after a seven-year run on adventurous Georgia indie Graveface.

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Since Fec, aka Tobacco, set it up, he's more than doubled his $45,000 goal. With two days to go, it's at $117,977. For as little as $1, he's offering a download of the single plus an instrumental and remix; for $16, a CD plus the Psychic Love Damage EP and a set of stickers. And! He's also listing an LP with lenticular 3D cover and the blacklight-reactive mask above. I'm too cash-strapped to take advantage of most Kickstarter campaigns, but I made an exception for this one.

The first video was released earlier today. As you can probably tell: it's kind of a bummer!

I noticed that one enthusiast even pledged a cool $3,000. Let's hope they make it good. I follow Ann Magnuson on Facebook, and someone who pledged $900 towards her Jobriath project provided a bad credit card number. For shame!

Comedian Eric Wareheim (Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!) takes on the testimonial:

Rad Cult releases Cobra Juicy on October 9, 2012. BMSR will be on tour from October 27 through December 8, but no Seattle dates have been announced yet.