So my just fucking sucked. Ugh. Right, so on lunch I figured I'd go record shopping. When I'm having a shitty day I can go record shopping, turn on NERD MODE, adjust my glasses, and distract myself. EASY. Turns out it was a good day for looking, I found a hand full'a 45s, including a Dictators 45!! YEAH!! I lerve the Dictators. Their three '70s albums are cannon, full of knowing, cheeky comic book ROCK. Well, when I got home I discovered I'd purchased their ballad, "Hey Boys." CRAP. Also, making shit worse, the single was a double 'A' side promo, meaning the same song was pressed on both sides (stock copies were issued w/ the way awesomer "Disease" as the flip). CRAP. So, CHEER UP FAIL. Here, if you're game, listen to the suck...careful it's fucking CRAP.

I've had, and LOVED, them Dictators LPs for years but didn't remember this song at all. Why? I'd TAPED the LPs for listening when I got 'em, culling any tracks I didn't think worthy; it's why didn't I think to toss it on the preivew deck! Like, CRAP....WHOMPfuckingWHOMP.

Now, cleanse your ears by digging this genius Dictators clip!!! No ballad, no crime. It's a blistering live version of "Science Gone Too Far," complete with a Handsome Dick AND hella jewfro tossin'.