[I’ll Give You a Break is a sporadic series of posts highlighting obscure (and not so obscure) breakbeats in unlikely places, so that they may be sampled by producers or just enjoyed for their own geeky purposes. NB: Don’t forget to clear all samples through the proper channels (cough).]

The most out-there track on a supremely zonked psychedelic-rock/musique-concrète record, “Lost Angel Proper St.” offers a panoramic look into collective lysergic logic in the studio. Friendsound consisted of members from West Coast hitmakers Paul Revere & the Raiders and the Brotherhood. Tired of crafting concise, ultra-catchy pop gems, they got together in 1969 and reputedly dropped heroic doses of ac*d and let their imaginations run riot; the Joyride LP—“a musical free-for-all”—was the result. RCA released it to mass indifference and the album’s never been reissued on CD or LP, but copies can be found for pretty cheap (around $10 the last time I purchased one a couple years ago; I stockpile this thing for good karma), which is a steal, given how Joyride has grown, rightly so, to legendary status among true heads.

For our purposes here, you should focus on the first 18 seconds of “Lost Angel Proper St.” Leading in with a gorgeous, sighing slide guitar and then stumbling into a wonderfully lopsided groove, this track will give you, young MC/producer, an immediately gripping aural bedrock for your far-out, dusted ramblings. Strap in for the remaining nine minutes of “Lost Angel Proper St.” and have your equilibrium suckerpunched into oblivion. "There's this question about the quiet and the loud..."