Attention All Guitarists!!!: Knock, knock...Who's there? High Voltage on Capitol Hill coming to the rescue of all guitarists in a three mile radius. It's about time and it's open!

Angry Day: Angry Birds and Green Day team up to make a themed episode of Angry Birds Friends 'cause if it doesn't say "Green Day Approved" on the label, it stinks.

A Spot of Tea With Your Blur?: Blur's (final?) concert at Hyde Park is now available on iTunes with a CD and DVD of the performance to follow.

Karen O Does Disney: New song "Strange Love" will appear on the soundtrack for Disney's Frankenweenie Unleashed! out September 25th.

Getting Grimey in the Desert: Grimes has graced us with a trailer to an upcoming video for "Genesis." No, Phil Collins will not make an appearance.

Minaj a Trois: Nicki Minaj is rumored to be "100 percent confirmed" to serve as a judge on the upcoming season of American Idol.