I know it's not the best venue in Seattle, I know that the show should've stayed at the Moore theater, where it was originally booked, and I know Sleigh Bells are annoying, but I saw Refused last night in Vancouver and it was one of the best shows of my entire life. If you have tickets but are still on the fence about going, if you don't have tickets and are wondering if it's worth the $36.25, trust me: GO. YES.

No surprise, most of the set was pulled from Shape of Punk to Come, and it was clear that everyone in the sold out crowd has been waiting over a decade to lose their shit to these songs.

That appeared true for the band members, too—they were basking in every second of every song. Giving every ounce of energy they had. Singer Dennis Lyxzén is a spy motherfucker—leaping, twisting, doing the splits on stage. He was climbing on amps, jumping into the crowd, tearing off his shirt, and doing a totally adorable little foot shuffle that made him looks like Courtney Cox in a Springsteen video.

The mass of bodies on the lower level of the Vogue Theater never relented—it was a boiling, swirling pit for the entire set, which lasted just over an hour. When the band played "New Noise," THERE ARE NO WORDS. I felt the meaning of life in that five minutes.

I didn't take notes. I don't have the setlist. Like everyone else in that room, I had been waiting nearly 12 years for that show. It was worth every minute of waiting. Tonight, you should go. Be inspired. Lose your mind. Witness something incredible.

Here's the first 30 seconds (the curtain dropping) on last night's show and video of "New Noise" from the August 26th show at the Vogue, via YouTube: