Sadly, I learned this morning via Facebook™, that George Gallacher, singer for the '60s R&Beat group the Poets, passed away this weekend.

The Poets were a Scottish beat group that was, like, HUGE in Glasgow, and as such, soon fell under the charge of the Rolling Stones' manager Andrew Loog Oldham. He'd seen them on the cover of Scottish pop magazine, Beat News, was impressed at a subsequent audition, and immediately arranged to get their first 45, "Now We’re Thru" b/w "There Are Some" (Decca) issued. After a near Top 30 with that first side, they wrote/recorded more BRILLIANT sides and toured like crazy, but eventually the lineup shifts and lack of breakthrough success caused the group to split some time around 1971.

As a result of failing to produce hits, the Poets became just another group on the heap of also-rans. But then in the mid '80s, some of their sides began showing up on sike/freakbeat compilations. In fact, I first heard "That’s The Way It’s Got To Be" and "I Love Her Still" on Rubble Volume 3: The Electric Crayon Set; and then in 1997 via the Distortions imprint (designed, as an homage, like the great English record label Immediate), a collection of all their Decca/Immediate sides were issued. SO GOOD! Then (ahem) everyone knew who they were!! They reformed with the three original members left (it's now down to one), last year and the Poets even recently played the annual le Beat Bespoke weekender Easter weekend. RIP, Mr. Gallacher.

A full telling of the Poets' story is right here... there is a wealth of info AND plenty of demos to be heard.