I got a hot tip from "Julia" yesterday warning us about an upcoming Beard Watch! alert for J. Wong's Singer/Songwriter Showcase at the Triple Door tonight.

At the Triple Door, there is a songwriter showcase going down that's sure to feature sensitively-strummed guitars and plenty of facial foliage. While headliner Shannon Stephens is unfortunately not a bearded lady, organizer J. Wong has a lush thatch and I'm sure some members of & Yet will oblige as well.

I didn't have time to graph this, but based on this "sensitively-strumming" and "lush thatch" data, I am assuming this is rating would be charted somewhere in be in between Big Lebowski and See Me River, making it on the very verge of Dangerously Beardy. Emily Nokes, the new music editor of The Stranger, has recently agreed to fund a 24 hour Beard Watch! hotline so we can get up to the minute Beard alerts alerts in a more timely fashion. All ages, $8 and the show starts at 8pm. We advise that you proceed with caution. Beard on!

Extremely Scientific Graph Ranges 1(Teenage Musatche)-10(Dangerously Beardy)

*Seattle Beard Watch acts as a sort of watchdog, keeping the city appropriately forewarned about upcoming Beardy events. Beard Rock may or may not be limited to: inappropriately formal mens hats, instruments beyond the standard guitar/bass/drums/keyboards, attire more appropriate to "the woodsman" from Little Red Riding Hood, sepia band photos, facial hair styled in a manner that requires product, full tattoo sleeves and suspenders, etc. The chart ranges from teenage mustache™ to dangerously beardy (DB)