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Friday, August 31, 2012

Listening to the Pharmacy After Having Taken a Pharmacy's Worth of Drugs

Posted by on Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 1:59 PM

THE PHARMACY Party garbage!
  • THE PHARMACY Party garbage!
You know when you're 12 years old and you're wrestling in the living room with a sibling and things are getting out of hand and your ma yells: "DON'T HORSE AROUND IN THE LIVING ROOM! YOU'LL BREAK SOMETHING!" She might add, as an afterthought, that you might break yourselves, but she's obviously more interested in the well-being of the heirlooms than the well-being of the heirs.

Her priorities might confuse you at the time—because why the hell is the structural integrity of an old teapot more important than the skulls of her own children? But in later years, when someone clumsily breaks something you hold dear, the size and contours of your sadness, which are roughly the size and contours of the emotions you poured into that object, might teach you something about nostalgia and why your mother felt that way about a teapot.

Anyway. Last weekend, my brother and I were horsing around in the living room—even though we're way too old for that crap—and I shoved my wrist through a thin, sharp glass object that also broke one of my arteries. An ambulance and stitches were involved. It was embarrassing on a variety of levels.

But as a result, I'm listening to the Pharmacy on a pharmacy's worth of prescription drugs and thinking about playful familial violence and nostalgia. The Pharmacy's fuzzy, slightly psychedelic (but always melodic) garage-pop sounds fantastic on these drugs—like the kind of group you'd imagine playing a high-school prom in the mid-1950s, if that high school let everyone smoke pot between classes and had a Percocet vending machine in the lunchroom.

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The Pharmacy play Bumbershoot on Monday, September 3rd, on the Promenade at 4:30 pm. See the rest of our Bumbershoot coverage here!


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