Ayron Jones and the Way were a late addition to the Bumbershoot schedule, filling in for the cancelled Soul Rebels.

The first time I saw Ayron Jones and the Way I was captivated by Jones's talent and cocky but playful showmanship. Dude can shred a guitar and he has a hell of a good time doing it. Today at Bumbershoot, though, it was the drummer, Conrad Real, who stole the show. He was constantly grinning, dancing, and twirling his sticks. He played with big, exaggerated movements without missing a beat. Real hit the sticks against his abs, he hit his sticks against Jones's guitar while it was being played BEHIND HIS HEAD, he performed a killer drum solo that had everyone in the crowd cheering.

Ayron Jones and the Way are one of the most charismatic bands in Seattle right now.

Here are just a few of my favorite bouncy, happy drummer moves, in .gif form: