Whatever you do, dont funk with their groove.
  • Whatever you do, don't funk with their groove.

THEESatisfaction! They are the best! You know that already. Also: There is nothing you can really say about them. They exist entirely outside of you and your thoughts and feelings. They can affect you, but you cannot affect them. Listening to/watching THEESat is like time-traveling into the past and the future at the same time. Or being the most stoned and the most lucid you've ever been. You can taste/smell/feel the smartness, the sexiness, the groove; your skeleton responds to the music without your permission, like Wolverine when Magneto shows up.

Stasia Irons
  • Stasia Irons
They did not try to seduce the crowd with anything but the music and their dance moves. Sure, they mentioned Seattle, they called out the Space Needle, they massaged the crowd a bit, but there was no begging for love. They just played, they danced (HOLY GOD was it amazing! No one dances that well, that casually, that naturally without magical powers), they sang, rapped, smiled, and cast a spell. They also brought Shabazz Palaces onstage to continue the outside-of-space-and-time aura.

Catherine Harris-White
  • Catherine Harris-White
It is true that the show was low-energy, and it is always unfortunate to watch Seattleish crowds not quite be able to clap in rhythm, or not quite dance as hard as they could. But the all-out dancers, off to the side, were really tearing it up. And no one was truly stationary (impossible). A woman next to me was sketching Stas and Cat, a row of small quick ink drawings maybe an inch tall, all across a page. They were lovely. I wanted to steal them but I didn't (duh).

Here! Have another picture! Why not?


Do you want to hear/know more about THEESat (because we don't talk about them enough, haha)? You should read that group review we all did of their album this year, awE naturalE. It also suffered from the it-is-impossible-to-analyze-or-encapsulate-these-beings problem, which is apt. Also, you know they are possible Geniuses, right?