First impressions in 15 minutes or less!

Magic Lee & his Harmonica Dick: So much harmonica! Real high pitched harmonica! Blazed grandparents loved it.

AM & Shawn Lee: Wow! Shawn Lee is a pewter wizard! This guy agrees:

Honk honk!
  • Honk honk

The Dirtbombs: I saw a giant nipple attached to a giant boob. It was an accident. A "dancing furiously with your arms crossed over a very low-cut shirt" accident. Yessssss!

Mudhoney: Eating blue cotton candy and watching Mudhoney was my favorite part of the day so far.

Deep Sea Diver: "Whoooaaa whoaaoh oh whoaohhhhh."

There was speed dating happening, but more importantly, this gal was wearing a brand new Janes Addiction shirt!
  • People were fake speed dating, but more importantly, this gal is wearing a brand new Jane's Addiction shirt!