"I'm gonna drop a big beat poo-poo on your head!" - Angelo Moore, kicking off the Fishbone set.

Angelo Moore
  • Kelly O
  • Angelo Moore

The big beat poo-poo was indeed dropped, on the heads of the folks who crammed into Exhibition Hall. This was my first experience in the Exhibition Hall. The beer "garden" looked more pathetic than usual, quarantined off in the corner were the drinkers, their sad joker hats wilting under the shame of needing to "have a drink" instead of being able to "watch the show"—I hate how Seattle does this. Drinking an expensive beer and watching an expensive show go hand in hand, everyone knows that.

After I stopped gawking at the giant neon columns that obstructed much of the stage, I realized that Fishbone sounded fantastic! Way better than I thought they would sound! They looked great, too. Angelo was wearing a funky outfit (duh), and the dancing by all band members was top notch. I noticed more audience members were wearing hats than at any other Bumbershoot show thus far. Mostly fedoras. Fishbone and their fans LOVE fedoras. Wacky festival hats were also abundant (see: wilted joker hats in the beer garden), plus dad caps, animal beanies, and eccentric-lady gardening bonnets. Everyone had a great time bouncing to the ska antics of Fishbone. Except those drunks.

  • Kelly O