I know nothing about this group, Supersilent, but for some reason I blindly followed a Youtube™ link which led to this song, "6.2." Whoa...dreamy.

At first listen, I figured Supersilent was a DJ or some smart guy with a computer. Like, 'cause, now-a-days everyone is...or at least assumes they are. Really, how many times has some "dude" asked you, "Have you heard my avant/hiphop/folk side project? No? Here's the link to my Soundcloud™." Then...I looked 'em up...uh, they're NOT DJs! Rather they ARE an "experimental jazz group." RIGHT...."experimental." Tho' to me this sounds like some "down the rabbit hole" prog/kraut trajectory, which means I (almost) LIKE it. However, ultimately Supersilent IS too silent for me, but it is interesting to hear the threads of prog as it's distilled down to suggestions of jazz, its logical end. Um, as if a circle has an ending.