I went to J. Wong's Singer Songwriter Showcase at the Triple Door last week, and it was pretty damn fun. I even had some good Pad Thai. I normally don't eat Pad Thai, because it's a dish so many restaurants go out of their way to do wrong, but Wild Ginger really does it spicy justice. For the cost of admission ($8), I watched five local acts (a couple I'd never heard before) from a damn good seat, and for a little more ($40 or so for my date and I) I had a delicious dinner. The dinner theater type of setup makes it a perfect venue for acoustic guitar acts. You get a table, a waiter, and every seat has an awesome view. Fun, right?

For no good reason, though, I was all set to ignore the next Singer Songwriter Showcase this Sunday, that is until someone tipped me to the fact that Widower would be playing in Seattle on Sunday. Town troubadours Kevin Long and J. Wong are also on the bill.

Widower's founding members Kevin Large and Kaylee Cole have been working on solo projects around town, and while their band's last release was in 2008, that’s OK because that album is FUCKING TIMELESS. Have you heard it? It’s basically Seattle’s answer to Whiskeytown’s Faithless Street. It’s North Carolina sunshine with Olympic Mountains vistas. It’s “tear in my beer” country, and rebel poet lyrics that’ll leave you with a love hangover. Seriously, it's a steel guitar dagger that’ll stab you in your jaded “I don’t like twang” heart, and you'll emerge a country fan who has tasted decent Thai food. Win, win.

Blah blah blah: if you're still reading this and actually interested, email me and I'll hook you up with a pair of free tickets to the show! Because people who read are COOL! I will remove this message once the tickets are gone, so if you're reading, it's not too late!

Oh, there is also a little pop rock band out of Montana called DAWNS playing. Hey, did I mention the Pad Thai is really good at the Triple Door? You should try that when you go.