Ever go north to Vancouver and then when you get there don't know what the hell to do with your night? WELL I HAVE, FRIEND. This is when you do yourself what they call "a solid" (I don't know what industry it is, but I know it happens.) and let Vancouver's Olio Festival spell it all out for you.

Olio is something like Seattle's City Arts Festival, in that it takes place in venues throughout the city, and it carries on for several days (see the schedule here). And as luck would have it for you, person who has a passport and some days to burn, the thing starts tonight. For instance, you could be up there tomorrow to see our own man, King Dude, or maybe Seattle's Kithkin, but you don't go to a different country to see somebody from your own area code, do you?

You could go there to see, maybe, Denver's Bankrobber:

But really, don't let me guess what you like. Just go look at the schedule and vet anything that sounds good and plan your attack before you jump in the car. Don't forget to take out the car bong. Also, don't forget that the mounties up there do mandatory checkpoints. That shit can be a real bummer.

Things I would see if I weren't chained to a computer eking out a meager living in my Section 8 housing: Canadians, Man Wolfs, Hot Panda, Needs, Natural Child (who has a better album cover than that?), more Canadians. Vancouver is absolutely rotten with great bands right now.