As Emily pointed out in this weeks Stranger Suggests, Nardwuar the Human Serviette's band, the Evaporators, will be playing the Funhouse tomorrow!
If you are not familiar with the famed Canadian punk rock journalist/Evaporators frontman, then you should do what my girlfriend did earlier this year: fall into a week-long K-hole of obsessively watching his frighteningly well-researched interviews. He's talked with with everyone from Kurt Cobain to Jay-Z to Jello Biafra to Lady Gaga to Tyler the Creator! Marvel at how he hasn't physically changed since the 90s!

He can bring out the true nature of everyone he interviews by being both innocently quirky and enthusiastically polite, though sometimes manages to enrage interviewees with his questions. In this 13-year-later followup interview with Henry Rollins, Rollins is his usual hilarious self, revealing that he thought Nardwuar was a "friendly, but ridiculous person who was wasting their life."

The Evaporators condense loud, fast and fun into pop songs that do anything but dry up a dance floor. And if you haven't already picked it up, you should check out their newest Busy Doing Nothing LP that includes a 40 page calendar of 1970s punk rock photos taken by legendary Vancouver photographer Bev Davies. "Side Nard" features an Andrew WK/Evaporators collaboration and Kate Nash doing a cover of Cub's "Chinchilla"; "Side Wuar" is mostly Evaporators originals, my current fave being "Hot Dog High":