So "Gangnam Style" is blowing up like crazy, and people are looking at/listening to K-Pop all of a sudden. To me, it seems like this quote I saw on YouTube sums it up nicely: "I want to live in South Korea and be RIDICULOUS."

Check out the new song by G-Dragon, "Crayon." Ridiculous and awesome... or ridiculous and ridiculous?

Korea's K-Pop Top Ten Songs, according to Billboard Korea, ranked according to digital sales, after the jump!

1. "All For You" Seo In Kook, Jeong Eun Ji
2. "LIPSTICK" Orange Caramel
3. "Missing You" G-Dragon Featuring Kim Yuna
4. "Gangnam Style" PSY
5. "SEXY LOVE" T-ara
6. "That XX" G-Dragon
7. "Crayon" G-Dragon
8. "POISON" Secret
9. "I Need You" Huh Gak, Zia
10. "It Hurts" Huh Gak