Lee Harvey Oswald Band was a Touch & Go label studio-ONLY group who were active in the early/mid '90s, tho' their first EP did come out in 1989. Considering they WERE a cheeky (ahem) novelty/studio thing, all their records, The Lee Harvey Oswald Band (1989), A Taste of Prison (1994) and Blastronaut (1996), still hold up. Not a difficult feat, really, considering all three records are filled with ROCKIN' JAMS, jams that are seemingly taking the piss out of the underground AND the swagger of hair/rock ROCK bands. Dig it!

Okay, great band, BUT THEY WEREN'T A REAL BAND, aaaaaannnnd no one has ever copped to who was ACTUALLY in the band!! SO, dearest readers, has anyone fucking ever sussed out who REALLY were the players in the Lee Harvey Oswald Band?! Erm, I KNOW, obviously, the Didjits' Rick Sims was in the band. I'd recognize that voice anywhere, but the rest? For years, any time I spoke to ANYONE at Touch & Go I bugged 'em about the LHOB, but all I ever got was a giggle and an "I dunno, man." Here is all the Touch & Go website will give up...

Hot flashes of light delivered by cloud, seeding the metallic ether in ways that make even the most high-balled rock and rollers eat their own dirt.

Born in a five-star whorehouse in the great state of Texas (population: FUCK YOU), the Lee Harvey Oswald Band is a pack of wild dogs begging at your table for sexual scraps and demanding the quick extinction of your dull affairs.

Right, it has been like TWO decades now. Someone HASTA know SOMETHING!!