Holy mother of all SHITBALLS... an unheard Move track?! YAY-YUH!!!

I have the "official" Move BBC Sessions CD from whenever it was issued in the '90s, but this track was not included. Now, I'm not exactly sure why this wasn't included, BUT in the '60s the BBC was real shitty for archiving recordings, to save a few bob they wiped EVERYTHING. Therefore, most all the BBC session compilations for any '60s group is a result of sourcing transcription discs the BBC sent to other stations around the world. Sooooo, this track may have been considered "lost" or, equally as annoying, there was some bullshit publishing concerns. Whatever the reason, I'm hella stoked to finally hear it!

AND...here is ANOTHER un-issued BBC track, the Move's version of Darrell Banks' "Our Love Is In The Pocket." This is prolly from their first BBC set, I'd reckon as they were still a club band and not reliant on their hits for material.