Seattle sextet Midday Veil just uploaded a new video for “Choreia,” a track from their new Randall Dunn-produced album, The Current, which is still sans label—a baffling situation that we hope gets resolved soon.

You can hear serious refinement and spaciousness in the production of this song, which slightly alters the rhythm to the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” and soars with kosmische and chaotic momentousness, augmented by Timm Mason’s solar-flared guitar calligraphy. The contrast between the tension-building bass and percussion and the helical ascension of David Golightly's keyboards and Emily Pothast's chants results in a gripping display of Tantric aural sex.

Midday Veil open for krautrock giants Faust Mon. Oct. 15 at the Comet and then embark on a West Coast tour throughout October and early November with Holy Mountain Records group White Manna. More info here.