I got this backwards. It would’ve been nice to promote the new Dude York EP before their show last night, and then drop the new Chastity Belt EP on you today before their show this weekend, but I’m not a publicist, and you don’t mind anyway, you just want to hear good music, right? Ok then…

Dude York has a new three song EP out! It’s decidedly more poppy in flavor than their previous maximum R&B efforts, but no less good because of it. In the liner notes on bandcamp Dude York teases that this "may or may not be a taste of what’s to come"…which is fine by me either way, as long as there is, infact, more to come. I can’t get enough of Dude York this year, from the punchy attitude on "Fuck City" to the unrequited vulnerability of "Heartaches", the Dudes manage to avoid the trite habit of garage appropriating thence whitewashing soul, and keep matching witty lyricism with catchy riffs at every turn, and have you seen them live? It’s the perfect match between nervous energy and pleasurable pain. Dudes sing their guts out about zombies, girls who don’t love you back, and the fear/fun that is young life.

The Lake is available as a cassette single, or downoad for a measly five bucks, so go get it.

Side note: The art for this EP is by a brilliant young comic artist named Sam Alden. His line drawing work and watercolor style create an a world where all that makes us uncomfortable as humans is confronted . Curmudgeonly and sexually tense as a juvenile Crumb, and observant and emotionally exploratory as Bechdel, Alden’s work on his blog is worth checking out, see Eighth Grade and The Hunter to start!