Brian Foss, Funhouse owner and best guy ever said, "It's been a great 9 years. We are actively searching for a new location for our club, any suggestions are appreciated."

Here is the last month of shows you can attend at The Funhouse in it's current location:

Thu 10/4
The Zoobombs (Japan)
La Luz
9:30pm, $7, Buy Advance Tix

Fri 10/5
Dragstrip Riot
Hard Money Saints
Angie & The Carwrecks
Bigfoot Accelerator
Repo Men
9pm, $7

Sat 10/6 - Seattle Crisis Clinic Suicide Prevention Benefit
Rat City Ruckus
Poop Attack!
Warning: Danger!
Oceans of Mars
Bucharest Drinking Team
Fabulous Downey Brothers
Last Gasp
The Botherations
Kids On Fire
Mega Tiger
5pm, Donations Requested

Sun 10/7
Steel Tigers Of Death
Rock'n Roll Suicides (CA)
9:30pm, $6

MORE SHOWS after the jump!

Mon 10/8 - King Dro Presents:
Kena Edawna
Jade Sue Flow
8:30pm, $5

Tue 10/9
Pill Brigade
Mary Abaddon
Mixed Messages
9:30pm, $5

Wed 10/10
Antique Scream
Scorpion Child (TX)
Sioux City Pete
Red Liquid
9:30pm, $6

Thu 10/11
Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby
Mark Pickerel
Johnny Sangster
9:30pm, $10, Buy Advance Tix

Fri 10/12 - Mikes Crow & Allison Hills Wedding Party
Defect Defect (PDX)
Criminal Code
The Service
9:00pm, $5

Sat 10/13 - Ladies Choice Presents:
Golgothan Sunrise
Power Skeleton
Satya Sena
Bréag Noafa
9:00pm, $6

Sun 10/14
The Generators (LA punk legends)
Triple Sixes
9 Pound Beaver (CD Release)
Conniption Fits
9:30pm, $7

Mon 10/15 - Take Warning Presents:
The Isotopes
The Piniellas
Benedict Awesome
9pm, $6 adv. / $8 dos
Buy Advance Tix

Tues 10/16
The Trashies
The Lindseys
Ubu Roi
9:30pm, $6

Wed 10/17
Hosted by Jackie Hell
Witches Titties
The Cry (PDX)
Night Nurse
9:30pm, $6

Thurs 10/18 - Wiscon EP Release!
Clutch Douglass
Lazer Kitty
9:30pm, $5

Fri 10/19
Pony Time
Dream Salon (Ex- A-Frames)
Universe People
9:30pm, $6

Sat 10/20 - EARLY SHOW
Fabulous Downey Brothers
Date Night With Brian (Ex-Sicko/Cripples)
Thee Sgt Major III
Jaguar Paw
4pm, $5

Sat 10/20 - LATE SHOW
Pleasureboaters (Reunion)
The Fucking Eagles
9:30pm, $6, Buy Advance Tix

Sun 10/21 - EARLY EVENT
Author Mark Ostler's "Ivar the Boxer"
Book Release Party
6pm, Free

Sun 10/21 - LATE SHOW
The Them (Reunion!)
Faithless Saints
Secnd Best
9:30pm, $5

Mon 10/22
Lucabrazzi (CA)
Daughters of the Dead Sea
Jori and the Push
9:30pm, $5

Tue 10/23
Electric Eel Shock (Japan)
Blood Orange Paradise
The Bottlenose Koffins
9:30pm, $10, Buy Advance Tix

Wed 10/24
Backstabbing Romeos
School Shootings
Violent Expulsion
Hosted by Marie Voodoo
9:30pnm, $5

Thu 10/25
New York Rifles
Rat City Ruckus
The Assasinators
Shakin' Michael J
9:00pm, $7

Fri 10/26
Dreadful Children
Piss Drunks
Load Levelers
9:30pm, $6

Sat 10/27
Snakes Of Christ (Danzig tribute)
Ancient Warlocks
9:30pm, $8

Sun 10/28
Rats in the Tower
Random Noise
Still Born Again Christians
9:30pm, $5

Mon 10/29 - ADIOS AMIGOS!! A Funhouse Employee Benefit!
Hosted by Eric Lincoln Hurst
Sioux City Pete & The Beggars
Antique Scream
The Unemployables
Blue Ribbon Boys
The Piniellas
The Hook-Ups
Lisa Dank
Ronald McFondle & Friends w/Jackie Hell
7pm, $10 Donation

Tues 10/30
The GrindyLow
No World
Brain Hornet
9:30pm, $5

Wed 10/31 - Halloween/Closing night Party
(All bands have Funhouse Employees in them)
Glenn Or Glennda? (Misfits Covers)
Poop Attack
Last Gasp
The Downstrokes
Blood Orange Paradise
Tight Lies
8pm, $8

"So long and thanks for all the fish."