All hail Kristina Childs! The Seattle DJ/promoter has brought back KRAKT, the wonderfully raunchy, hard-as-fuck techno night that used to electrify Re-bar for a few years in the '00s. Now happening every other first Friday at Electric Tea Garden, KRAKT—if past parties are indicators—should guarantee ALL CAPS, top-crotch techno thrills six times a year. Getting Spain's Pig & Dan (Igor Tchkotoua and Dan Duncan) to help you relaunch is a superb omen. These guys keep their techno creepy, mischievous, and driving, which will sound amazing in that crucial 2 to 5 a.m. time slot, when your mind is most liable to go wonky. Portland's Bryan Zentz is also worth staying up way past your bedtime for. If I may sample myself from a Stranger Suggests recommendation: "In his productions, Zentz locates the golden mean between propulsive, machinelike efficiency and libidinous rhythmic friction." That's what I'm talking about. Get KRAKT. With Roddimus and Miss Shelrawka. Friday, Electric Tea Garden, 10 pm–5 am, $15, 21+.

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