How do you feel about music that is best described with word clusters like "sick witch shit" and "quasi-industrial proto-goth"? Pretty good, right? How do you feel about things that are free to get into before 8:30pm?! Everyone likes that! AND a Silent Hill themed photo booth? AHHHHH!

Well, well, well—you can do all these things AND MORE, tomorrow night at Waid's (1212 E Jefferson—Waid's has the worst logo in town, but don't you dare let that stop you). Featuring: GLASS TEETH, OZMA OTACAVA, DUMPSTER BABY, TEENGIRLDIESATRAVE, SOBRIQUET, and MASCARA.

There will also be some free swag and "totes fo shotes"—and if you don't like totes, you're a monster. Here's the invite!